Sunday, 8 December 2013

Though it shocks 'em, I know

Good grief! Miss Kim Basinger (pronounced "Bass-in-jer" not "Bay-sing-er"), Bond Girl and movie siren of the 80s and 90s, is sixty years old today!

Here she is with possibly the steamiest on-screen version of Cole Porter's Let's Do It, from the movie Too Hot to Handle (aka The Marrying Man):

Many happy returns!

Kim Basinger (born Kimila Ann, 8th December 1953)


  1. Heavens! She was one of my favorite actresses when I was a kid - her role in "My stepmother is an alien" was enough to make me love her but she was really great in several other 80s and early 90s films. And there will never be a better Vicky Vale in Batman! I haven't seen a lot of her later work - in fact, I think the last one I saw was her 2004 film Cellular.But I always have a soft spot for her. Happy birthday sweetie!

    1. An awful lot of Miss Basinger's career has actually passed me by - but this anniversary reminded me of how significant a presence she really was... Jx


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