Sunday, 21 September 2014

An unprecedented Bohemian sound

That legendary jolly person, singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen is 80 years old today.

Although I do acknowledge that his writing has a poetic touch, in general (in a similar vein to those written by the Beatles or Bruce Springsteen) I tend to prefer his songs covered by other artists.

Imagine my joy when I found this fantastic version of Mr Cohen's Dance me to the End of Love by a band from Amsterdam - Zorita, who describe themselves thus: "...a raucous rousing rabble. This well-oiled ragtag collection of instruments, styles and personalities boasts an unprecedented Bohemian sound."

It's fab!

Leonard Norman Cohen, CC GOQ (born 21st September 1934)

Zorita MySpace page


  1. How Fab is That. Love it
    and what a fab video to go with it.

  2. I really enjoy Leonard's music in general - looking forward to his new album actually.
    Happy (gulp - 80th!) birthday!

    1. I have never even contemplated purchasing anything by him. He depresses me too much. Jx

  3. Hehe - I have several of his albums, actually.

    1. I'd rather buy Zorita's, myself. Jx


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