Monday, 8 September 2014

You're just kind of wild

I am convinced that time moves far more quickly on a weekend than it ever does during our time at work in the week...

Hey ho, it's Tacky Music Monday again, folks - and here to ease the pain of having to face another five days of unending joy the office, by way of a celebration of the lady's 83rd birthday last Friday, we revisit one of our very favourite Patron Saints Miss Mitzi Gaynor's most sparkling moments.

It's her tribute to the great Gertie Lawrence - Limehouse Blues:

Oh, Limehouse kid
Oh, oh, Limehouse kid
Goin' the way
That the rest of them did
Poor broken blossom
And nobody's child
Haunting and taunting
You're just kind of wild

Indeed she is - happy belated birthday, Mitzi!

Have good week, peeps...

Mitzi Gaynor official website


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