Sunday, 14 June 2015

First there are kisses, then there are sighs

Many happy returns to a true original, a living embodiment of "gender-bending" long before it became somewhat fashionable - Mr Boy George!

Much has been written about the great Mr O'Dowd, his triumphs and adversity, his vocal genius and troubled relationships (not least here!), so let us, on this grey Sunday, celebrate the Boy at his very best - here's The Crying Game...

George Alan O'Dowd (aka Boy George, born 14th June 1961)


  1. Love him. His autobiography reads like a thriller.

  2. One of his finest moments indeed (although he has had quite a few - "Victims", "Il Adore" and "To Be Reborn" are just a few gems that remain very high on my Boy list). Happy birthday!

    1. Victims is my all-time favourite, too, as I have no doubt stated here before. Of the early Culture Club stuff, it is just about the only one that hasn't become jaded with over-played over-familiarity. Jx


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