Monday, 1 June 2015

Economics vs love

Monday again. Yuk.

Never mind, eh? To cheer us up on this Tacky Music Monday we have the combined charms of today's birthday girl Miss Gemma Craven, who is (remarkably) 65 years old, and the marvellous Millicent Martin to cheer us up - together on one of Alan Jay Lerner and Kurt Weill's lesser-known numbers (from one of their rare flops Love Life):


Happy birthday, Gemma Craven (born Rita Gemma Gabriel, 1st June 1950)


  1. Yet another Monday... I am counting down to my summer vacation, which will hopefully start mid-June. I am in desperate need of a long time-out...

    1. You and Teddi need to start practising your Alan Jay Lerner duets! Jx

  2. Replies
    1. Miss Craven looks shit scared, though, doesn't she? Bless 'er. Jx


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