Thursday, 4 June 2015

Quiet Star

The marvellously moody Miss Morgana King (described by my other half Madam Arcati as "an American Cleo Laine") celebrates her 85th birthday today.

Jazz singer extraordinaire (as well as actress, most famously in The Godfather), Miss King is rightly celebrated in (formerly?) smoky nightspots in New York and Chicago for her interpretations of the work of luminaries like Jimmy Van Heusen, her tributes to Blues giants like Billie Holiday, and her masterful covers of classics such as A Taste Of Honey, My Funny Valentine, and this - Corcovado:

Many happy returns, Maria Grazia Morgana Messina (aka Morgana King, born 4th June 1930)


  1. I just love her voice and this is a fabulous version of Corcovado.

    1. ...even if one does have to follow the link to YouTube. Jx


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