Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Wps! Beth ceiliog i fyny...*

A charity has pledged to investigate after including a typo on a new road sign honouring Dame Shirley Bassey.

Dame Shirley unveiled the sign on Saturday, marking the official renaming of the main road running past the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales.

The new name was given as a means of paying tribute to the diva’s work as a patron of the charity.

But the Welsh translation of Dame Shirley Bassey Way was given as “Ffordd Y Fonsig Shirley Bassey”.

The Welsh word for “dame” is “y fonesig”.

Dame Shirley did not seem to notice the typo, wiping away a tear as she declared: “It means everything to me.

“It’s my home town and to be honoured like this is on a par with when the Queen gave me that title.”
"Wps" indeed.

As ever, the Dame (however you spell it!) has the last word(s)...

'S Wonderful/Nobody Does It Like Me:

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*The blog heading says "Oops! What a cock-up!" in Welsh.


  1. i'll always regret never having the chance to see her in concert.

    1. I live in constant hope that I may see her on stage one day, but alack! The Dame has sworn she'll never tour again... Jx


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