Saturday, 10 October 2015

Don't let me out of here

Another piece of our early years has gone - following close on the heels of "household names" here in the UK Gordon Honeycombe and Hugh Scully - with news of the death of Jim Diamond.

Mr Diamond may not have been on our telly screens for decades like the other two, but his music was around at the cusp of my "leaving school/going to clubs/starting work/coming-out" years, mainly memorable for two songs...

With his band PhD from way back in 1982, it's I Won't Let You Down (with one of the cheesiest videos ever!):

...and the one that had the whole country sobbing at Xmas 1984, his big solo hit I Should Have Known Better:

Cheerful soul, wasn't he?

RIP James "Jim" Diamond (28th September 1951 – 10th October 2015)


  1. Sad news - two great singles is better than most of us will be remembered for x

    1. All together now - " I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I shoulda known better"... Jx

  2. I only knew him for "I Should Have Known Better" - a rather good song. RIP

    1. He had such a memorable voice. Jx


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