Monday, 19 October 2015

Hey, Macarena!

As we stagger out into the gloom on our way to work, our thoughts are turning to holidays in Spain (fingers crossed we may get there again in February, finances permitting).

Just in time to rescue the mood, I have made yet another joyful discovery of a hereto unknown-to-us wannabe-diva from that very country, Señorita Marujita Díaz! [A little too late, admittedly; she sadly died this June, aged 83.]

However, to cheer us up on this Tacky Music Monday, here's a double-bill of the lady in her heyday. First up, the best mauve mantilla a girl could ever want, and a song called La Macarena that is definitely not associated with a 90s dance craze...

Next up, a bizarre snippet reminiscent of that Björk video (or more likely Miss Dawn French's hilarious piss-take), here the divine Señorita Díaz appears to be floating above the traffic while warbling a song to her city:


Marujita Díaz (born María del Dulce Nombre Díaz Ruiz, 27th April 1932 – 23rd June 2015)


  1. A skate boarding Diva how fab is that !

  2. Her outfits make Cher's Bob Mackie gowns look understated.


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