Monday, 25 April 2016

Lord knows, I love it

Today's birthdays include Cromwell, Marconi, trans pioneer April Ashley, society hostess Elsa Maxwell, William Roache ("Ken Barlow" in Coronation Street), Bjorn from Abba and Ella Fitzgerald - but, on this Tacky Music Monday, it is to yesterday's clutch of celebrants we turn for our glittering entrée to a new week. Famously, two purveyors of "our kind of music" blew their candles out on the same day - MegaBabs and Shirley MacLaine.

Of the two it is, inevitably, Miss MacLaine who provides our traditional "wake-up call"; a performer who can always be relied upon to put a bit of va-va-voom into any number... As she says - I Love It!

Have a good week, dear reader.


  1. It's Shirley MacLaine ! What's not to love.

    1. She sings! She dances! She acts! She sparkles! She's completely and utterly fruit-loop!

      Of course we love her. Jx


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