Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Bustin' it

Many happy returns today to Mr Douglas Trendle, better known to the world (well, anyone who was around in 80s Britain, anyhow) as Buster Bloodvessel!

With his band Bad Manners - formed in 1976 at Woodberry Down Comprehensive School, a stone's throw away from us at Manor House in North London - Mr Bloodvessel became a staple of our telly in those halcyon days, with a succession of ska-tinged hits that chimed neatly with the big Ska revival of the early 80s (that launched Madness, the Specials and their ilk to stardom).

Always a (literally) larger-than-life character, apparently Buster was too much for Auntie Beeb, and the band was banned from Top of the Pops for a while - and also from Italian TV after he mooned the audience when he was told that the Pope was watching. Fab!

Here's one of Bad Manners' most "memorable" performances - it's Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu...

...whatever that means.


  1. I was never keen on Buster - too much for me too!
    Do you remember Secret Affair?

    1. I do. I also remember The Merton Parkas, The Lambrettas and The Vapors. One-hit-wonders, all... Jx

    2. Oh my word... Turning Japanese.... one of my most favourites ever!

    3. Amazingly - like Mirror in the Bathroom by The Beat - a hit song about masturbation! Allegedly. Jx

    4. Oh my goodness, I didn't know that about Mirror.... I will go google....

    5. Once you start looking, you'll find masturbation in loads of lyrics. It can become an obsession.

      "Masturbation is the thinking man’s television." - Christopher Hampton



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