Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mixing a Martini in a tacky mu-mu

As autumn has made its shuddering presence known - with grey skies and a dismal outlook - so we deserve a bit of a light music interlude, courtesy once again of the marvellous Soft Tempo Lounge...

And who wouldn't want to wallow in the cavortings of perfectly-coiffeured, super-cool people in exotic locations, just for Un Momento, on a day like this?

There's a rather hilarious "bonus" tacked onto the end of this particular reverie, too - the cheesiest-of-cheesy introductions to one of those 70s porno-masquerading-as-a-self-help-documentary films, The Sexually Liberated Female. It's rather well summed up by Matt Cimber (widower of Jayne Mansfield), writing for Third Eye Cinema, thus:
Lindis Guinness "taking a swim in a huge in-ground pool, wandering around the house in a bra (yeah, I’m sure she wore that beneath her bikini), switching to a very 70’s shift and pendant ensemble to get the mail, then to a tacky mu-mu to mix herself a Martini at her private bar, and finally an elephant bell jumpsuit to lounge out on a revolving red velour love-seat. More friggin’ costume changes than Cher, and we aren’t even two minutes into the picture!"

[Music: Friedhofsballade by Martin Böttcher]

I feel much more mellow now...


  1. I once owned a pair of Foster Grants. I got them at a closeout sale--black plastic frame with dark green lenses, fit perfectly & I loved them! Had them for a year, made the mistake of taking them home for a funeral, where a relative took them from my room without my permission, then they were in an accident where my shades got crushed! The relative was okay, but to be honest, a small part of me wished my shades were okay & that it was the relative who got banged up instead. I have been unable to find a replacement, as they stopped production on that particular style of shades, & I still miss them!

    Here's to hoping you get better weather soon & have a wonderful weekend & a fantastic week. And if it's going to rain, I hope it's the kind y'all can enjoy.

    1. One of the many reasons I love rummaging through charity shops and vintage shops is the remote chance that such vintage items may occasionally turn up hidden in a corner - but it is a case of just that: chance. At least once the autumn weather does hit in earnest, all thoughts of sunglasses of any description do subside... Jx

  2. Who needs Valium when we have Soft Tempo Lounge...

    1. Who needs "Cherry B", surely? Jx


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