Thursday, 17 August 2017

Thin ice

Once upon a time I could get my legs that high, too

Lordy. Olympic gold-medal-winning ice skater Robin Cousins is sixty years old today!

Why the interest, I hear you ask?

In my youthful heyday, many people thought I looked like Mr Cousins (no bad thing, I must admit) - even to the point where I signed a little girl's autograph book "Best Wishes, Robin Cousins"..!

Nowadays, I look more like Bea Arthur.

Hey ho - let's have a bit of ice skating madness to celebrate!


  1. The UK did well on the ice in the seventies.... there was John Curry as well, wasn't there?

    1. There certainly was - and, as well as the 1976 Olympic gold-medallist, he was Alan Bates' lover... Jx

  2. I was a wheelie girl.Where I'm from ice was in the scotch!

    1. The only time I went on the ice, I scagged my finger falling over, and still bear the scar. Nowadays, my ice is reserved for cider or for gin. Jx


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