Sunday, 20 August 2017

Alma, piedad, corazón

Our Sal not posing for the camera at all

Having a bit of a slow day, all round - partly in recovery after sinking vast amounts of alcohol (and some food) at our annual picnic in Regent's Park yesterday, and partly suffering the "slough of despond" that envelops us when we realise it is the last day of freedom before going back to work tomorrow...

Here's a little oddball music that is estimably suitable for a Sunday such as this, courtesy of Les Elgart and his Orchestra:

Hay en el beso que te di
Alma, piedad, corazón
Dime que sabes tu sentir
Lo mismo que siento yo
Quiero que vivas solo para mí
Why que tu vayas por donde yo voy
Para que mi alma sea no mas de ti
Bésame con frenesí


Please don't Twist too vigorously.

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