Friday, 18 August 2017

Tijd voor een feestje

It may be the continuation of our holiday, albeit in London - getting the place ready for guests, and shopping for our grand Summer Picnic in Regent's Park tomorrow - but it is still the end of another week, so we need something a bit special to get us in the party mood.

I always like to annoy entertain you, dear reader, with a little "something" from our travels - so let's enjoy the "talents" of Den Haag's finest, a band [somewhat confusingly, given the success of a certain similarly-titled US funk band] called Earth & Fire...

They're celebrating the Weekend, and so are we - Thank Disco(?) It's Friday!

Have a good one, mijn vrienden!


  1. Happy picnic-ing! It looks like London will be free of rain today - unlike here on the North-Norfolk coast...

    1. Thankfully the rain held off, and we had splendid jolly japes - with lashings of ginger beer!


      PS From the headlines this morning, it would appear that rain is the least of your worries in Cromer at the moment.


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