Monday, 11 April 2011

Le Printemps

Alistair and I had a lovely day in Kew Gardens yesterday - a truly glorious show of blossom.

Closer to home, the gardens of Dolores Delargo Towers have really come into their own, too! Anemones, wallflowers, tulips and fritillary are all in flower, our seedlings are ready to plant, and Tulip Ronaldo and Narcissus Thalia are looking particularly lovely together:

Ah, Spring is really in full swing!

So, to cure the depression of yet another new week in work, on this Tacky Music Monday I have chosen something particularly appropriate from one of our patron saints, Dalida, and Soleil d'un nouveau monde...

Dalida on Wikipedia


  1. Blooming wonderful! And as for Dalida...aah, I think she is fast becoming a patron saint of mine too. I spend so much time listening to her on my iPod! A class act. Jx

  2. She is a delight, and her music always cheers me up! Jx

    We love you
    Gigi l'Amoroso
    The greatest Italian lover since man discovered fire
    Gigi l'Amoroso
    If you only knew what you make us do
    With your songs of desire
    For each and every one a favourite song
    Volare, Come Prima, O Sole Mio

  3. I am in the midst of putting my very own Dalida statue on my veranda as we speak...

  4. Like this? Jx


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