Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Johnny Tillotson celebrates his 72nd birthday today. Who? I hear you ask?

The squeaky-clean "preppy" Mr Tillotson's greatest (possibly his only) hit was the classic Poetry in Motion way back in 1961. From that high point, his career never really went global...

However, he does has the accolade of appearing in what has been voted one of "the worst movies ever made", The Fat Spy, in which he starred alongside Miss Jayne Mansfield (whose birthday it was yesterday) and Miss Phyllis Diller! A camp classic, methinks.

An attempted parody of teenage beach party films, it has the advantage of also featuring a gamut of skimpily-clad totty, all singing to each-other as a motley crew of characters seek out the Fountain of Youth. Just crying out for a West End stage musical version, in my opinion. Enjoy this clip:

Johnny Tillotson on Wikipedia


  1. I love the track - no wonder I never heard anything else from him...

  2. 'Tis strange - I like "Poetry in Motion" too, yet never guessed that Mr Tillotson was basically a one-hit wonder... Jx


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