Thursday, 28 April 2011

New music matters

Time once again for a slab of newer music that has caught my ear of late...

Opening the melée is a rather cute singer in a band called "One Eskimo", with a cover of an obscure song - He Called Me Baby by Candi Staton. Thanks to Mr Peenee for this one:

Aussie alternative band "Parralox" have released their own little tribute to Elisabeth Sladen (Sara Jane), a fine little electro number called Companion.

[No longer available on Soundcloud - play or download it here]

A man who appears to be Australia's answer to Eddy Huntington, Mr Peter Wilson is obviously an avid Stock Aitken and Waterman afficionado - as this teaser for his upcoming new single Stereo rather shows! (Thanks to the lovely Mike at Pop Trash Addicts once more for the introduction...)

Swedish band "The Sound of Arrows" return with a new release this week - Nova. Here's the fab DJ Tiesto remix, together with a remarkably homoerotic video. Enjoy!

And finally, a little wake-up call from a girl group called "Oh My!" - aptly described by Gill Mills on New Music Matters as "Lily in platforms with Daphne & Celeste as her bouncers". Enjoy this fab remix of their choon Run This Town:


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