Friday, 15 April 2011

No turning back

Another rather dull morning - but it is the start of Le Weekend!

Spandex World

Let us choose carefully what we wear to celebrate... I know! How about golden bat-wing tops, scarlet spandex, and jewels in our hair..?

It works for Sister Sledge! Thank Disco It's Friday!


  1. Fantastic choice - thank god the weekend is finally here!!!

  2. You must have been very busy this week - Barbarella's Galaxy has been awfully quiet... Jx

  3. Happy Weekend, Jon! Check out this video from just the other day...

  4. Now THERE's a line-up!! Mind you, the Sledge girls dare not wear spandex anymore... Hee Hee! Thank you for setting my weekend up with a blast have a good one! Jx


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