Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The practical approach

Amidst the violent stupidity of our urban benighted yoof on the hunt for new phones and trainers at everyone else's expense (don't kid me this has anything to do with social policy, politics, or even the fact the police wiped some worthless shit off the streets last week), it is good to see some people have a genuine sense of community...

Clapham Junction, earlier today


  1. I agree that it's good that the majority have come out to help with the clean up of the mess that was caused by a minority … but I can see these feral yobs laughing at the middle classes for coming up to clean up their mess.

    They're so ignorant they see nothing wrong with shitting on their own doorstep - the post office where they cash their giros and the Lidl supermarket where their mothers or sisters shop.

  2. The trouble is they are too stupid and ignorant give a fuck about their family, their community, or anything except themselves. Jx


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