Thursday, 11 August 2011

Musical melange

It's time once again for a little taste of some of the newer music that I rather like at the moment. An eclectic mix, it is too...

First, let us welcome the return of none other than 80s pin-up Kim Wilde, here with a rather good cover version of 90s classic Sleeping Satellite from her new album of covers, Snapshots:

Alphabet Saints were described in The Guardian as "fastidiously futuristic in a 1972 way, looking back to a time when they looked forward to a now that wasn't overly focused on then". You can make your own minds up on that one, and just enjoy their single Jessica's Heartbreak:

Ready for something genuinely different? There is absolutely nothing quite like the experience that is Psychologist, and his absolutely bizarre song Propeller...

Let's lighten things up a bit. How about a nostalgic return to the sound of House music, with the marvellously funky Azari & III, and their new single Manic?

And last, but most definitely not least, it's the return of our favourite perv here at Dolores Delargo Towers - Mr Johnny McGovern aka Gay Pimp with his paean to everybody's secret fantasy - the Sexy Nerd. I love it!!



  1. I like Kim Wilde's version of Sleeping Satellite but I LOVE her version of East 17's Alright - I think it might be a double A-Side - her version is so much better than East 17's original - I'm hoping it will be released in the UK.

    *name dropping alert*

    I did get a tweet from Kim herself saying she was working on the single and album getting a UK release - so far it's only going out in Germany, Austria and some other European country that still buys CD's.

  2. I hated that song and I think Kim's clearly enunciated version just exposes what a load of old bollocks it always was. However, fair play to her for doing a better version. As for her "personal tweets", I think you'll find the same message passing through the wilderness that is MySpace as well - good PR is good PR. Jx

  3. she tweets rubbish jokes too and has chats with Nik Kershaw … unless it's her PR and Nik's PR chatting …

    Hazel O'Connor tweeted me on the same day - it was like 1981 all over again … Tweeting is addictive and celebs love tweeting about anything and everything x

    Album I'm LOVING at the moment by the way is Girls, Wives and Factory Lives by The Turner - great lyrics and tunes.

  4. I adored "Sleeping Satellite" by Tasmin, and I think the Kim version is fantastic. And yes, she does chat a lot to Mr Kershaw on Twitter (someone give that woman a phone!).

    The rest of songs are a fun (and unusual) batch of tracks. I wait for "Sexy Nerd" to the top worldwide charts any day now...


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