Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Music catch-up, final part(y)

The third (and final; for now) of my little musical "catch-ups" is all about dance - and in particular, the work of one man: Mr Dave Audé!

You can keep your Avicii, your Pharrell, Calvin Harris and Tiesto, this man is consistently the most uplifting of all the "remixers-du-jour". And here are just a few examples from the summer of 2014 of his work, that have made me smile and shake my booty (admittedly somewhat wheezily these days)...

He even made that Disney schmaltz-fest Let It Go sound good:

And, finally, his collaboration with a lady who I only name-checked yesterday - the lovely Luciana:

That's got me in the mood for a party - in Amsterdam!

Dave Audé official website


  1. Dave Aude is one of my favorite re-mixers and a constant presence on the US club charts.
    However, I hate that bloody Disney song with such passion I couldn't get myself to listen for even a second, sorry about that. The rest is of course fantastic - my favorites here being a tie between his work with Andy Bell and Luciana.

    Thrilled to have a long overdue return of the Pick of the Pops - looking forward to what you will bring us the next time around! Keep up the excellent work :)

    1. I honestly thought you might have been keen on singing along to Idina:

      Here I stand
      And here I'll stay
      Let the storm rage on!

      Nah. I agree. It's shit.



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