Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Loving the spin that I'm in

Many happy returns today to Miss Jaye P Morgan, yet another of those "sassy, dusky-voiced entertainers" whose career remained firmly, and entirely, confined to the States - she certainly is not known in the UK (but, then again, we had Opportunity Knocks as our prime-time "talent" show on TV, not The Gong Show, for which she became famous as a panellist).

Here she is, coping manfully with the mayhem of The Muppet Show - it's That Ol' Black Magic:

Miss Morgan only recently retired from the entertainment world, after a six-decade career (and gaining a bit of a reputation as a "gay icon" in the process - check out my previous blogs about her here and here).

Jaye P Morgan (born 3rd December 1931)


  1. think i've told this story before.....

    last year, a friend was visiting her sister in SF. sister had two "hair-do" posters & friend said, "norma must have these!" both are labeled HAIRDO OF THE MONTH, CHICAGO, IL. i was thrilled to receive them, especially since one is from the 50s & it's JAYE P! guess she did modeling before she struck it big?

    (i just recently switched out the jaye p for the other & i have no idea where i put it! goes without saying, i want to photograph it & send it to you.)

    1. What fabulous friends you do have - can't wait to see it... Jx


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