Friday, 26 December 2014

D'abord, j'ai eu peur

It may be Boxing Day, but it is still the end of the week, and - in my mind, anyhow - party time!

As my regular reader may already know, one of our most beloved camp divas (Gallic style) here at Dolores Delargo Towers is the one-time world-conquering club hostess and singer Régine - a woman for whom the epithet Grande Dame could have been invented.

Today is that formidable lady's 85th birthday, and so to celebrate let's dig out a most appropriate song for this prestigious anniversary, her massive club hit - a cover of the Gloria Gaynor standard, Je survivrai...

Merci ce est vendredi Discothèque!*

Régine Zylberberg (born 26th December 1929)

More Régine here, here, and especially here.

*PS that's "Thank Disco it's Friday" in French. According to Google Translate, anyhow.


  1. That will be "Merci Disco c'est vendredi" :)
    People are actually lobbying for Regine to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest. Who knows...

    1. Merci beaucoup, cheri!

      Régine at Eurovision?! I would be in heaven... Jx

  2. Well my friend, we can both cry because this is not going to happen. And I have no idea who "Lisa Angell" is...
    We are soooo going to be in the bottom 3 again :)

    1. I agree, that song is dull - and, bizarrely has already been used as part of the WW1 commemorations so hardly counts as "new", either. Mlle Angell apparently started as a magician's assistant. She'll need some "magic" to get many points with this. Jx


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