Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Nouvelles chansons

Being well overdue (again) for a little feature-ette on some of the "newer" music that has caught my attention lately, let's just get right on down to it...

Opening the show is one of our fave jolly entertainers, Miss Caro Emerald - who we will have the good fortune to be seeing live in September as she is on the line-up for Proms in the Park (alongside The Jacksons, Russell Watson, The Mavericks, Danielle de Niese and Beverley Knight). She has a new song out, in a sort-of-reggae style - Quicksand:

Those eternal fans of sparkly face-wear, the Divine Knights are back with a new single (that is highly critical of their native Australia for its continued refusal to add gay equality to its agenda) LIES:

With a musical tribute to all things early 80s, here's a new one from "the Artist-formerly-known-as-Bimbo-Boy" Eurotix and I Don't Hate You Anymore:

"It's so hot in here!", she sings. It's always hotter-than-hot when the fabulous funksters Le Grind [remember I Was There, Where Were You?] get going! Their new one is the sublimely catchy Toute Chaude:

The very lovely Little Boots is back, with a new album Working Girl and, from it, this rather marvellous new single - No Pressure:

Ramping up the "summer dance quotient" a little is the ever-reliable Mr Martin Solveig, here teamed up with Miami DJ duo GTA and with a most weird video indeed - he's Intoxicated:

And, finally - to quote Issy Sampson in the Guardian's "New Music" slot: "Just when you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that all music, for all time, will be Some Rubbish EDM ft Pitbull, Petite Meller comes along and bangs out the song of the summer." And here she is with the fantabulosa Baby Love!

As always, enjoy! And please let me know what you think...


  1. Just managed to catch up with these.
    Fab as always. I think I liked the 'Martin Solveig - intoxicated' best
    but Caro Emerald is always a joy.
    By the way have you been at my knitting paterns' again ?

    1. Damn! That's your Xmas present surprise ruined. Jx


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