Wednesday, 29 July 2015

There she go, there she don't

Time for a timeslip, methinks...

Our TARDIS has turned up in this week twenty years ago - a musical landscape of dubious distinction, to be sure (I mean - who remembers, or wants to remember, such "classic" artists as Robson & Jerome, Dana Dawson, Shaggy, Diana King or Method Man?). However, 1995 was, as I recall, a faboo year for dance music - and not least among the classic "bangers" that summer was this one...

Here's Jinny (whatever happened to them?) and keep Warm:

There she go
There she don't
You don't want to
You don't need to
Feel the warmth

Keep keep warm
Keep keep warm
Keep warm

Keep keep warm
Keep keep warm
Keep warm

Appropriate advice, given that this is supposed to be the end of July and it feels more like October...


  1. Such a fab track, just need some sunshine to go with it.


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