Sunday, 27 September 2015

Car Klamp

A car company founded by Nazis in 1937 is facing a public relations disaster.

Volkswagen, the brainchild of National Socialist minister Robert Ley, has been accused of falsifying emissions data, which experts warn could damage their unblemished record.

Historian Donna Sheridan said: “Companies can deal with all sorts of setbacks, from corruption scandals, to product recalls, to being founded by people who were indicted for war crimes at Nuremberg.

“But massaging their emissions testing to give a minor boost to their green credentials? Game over.”

Car expert Tom Booker added: “There’s a danger that when people hear the name ‘Volkswagen’, their first thought will be ‘cheats’. Shareholders will be desperate to turn the clock back to a time when ‘Volkswagen’ meant nothing more than Aryan racial supremacy.”

A Volkswagen spokesman said: “Everyone knows that if Hitler were alive today, he’d be driving a BMW.”
The Daily Mash.

Of course.

[The real - ongoing - story]


  1. i don't know how they can get thru this.

    of course in every jewish deli, people are nodding at one another saying, "big surprise."

    1. It's a bizarre truth that despite losing the war, German cars and Japanese gadgets have been the predominant market-leaders across the world. Only eight decades on are they wobbling... Jx


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