Friday, 25 September 2015

For Fox Sake!

As is ever the case when one returns from leave, this whole week has been spent trying to pick up the pieces of all the work one blithely thought might have been done by others in one's absence... It has taken all my strength not to go running amok with an AK-47 like something out of Falling Down.

However, the weekend is near, it is pay-day at last, and tomorrow we have a birthday bash for dear History Boy to look forward to (any excuse to dress up). Plenty to celebrate there - let's clink glasses!

I think we should get this party started (as is our wont) by entering the exotic world of Foxy - they want to Get Off, too...

Thank Disco It's Friday!


  1. I don't know HOW that gif of a Saturday night at my house got on-line...

    1. Or how Betty White got in - did she shin up the drainpipe, I wonder? ;-)


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