Monday, 28 September 2015

The GI diet

Oh dear. The weekend is over. Again...

After a fun birthday party for the brother-in-law on Saturday and a rather more leisurely sunny Sunday, it's time once again to hurl ourselves up against that relentless wall they call "work". Hey ho.

To cheer us up on this Tacky Music Monday, how about a bit of swing (of sorts)? Here's today's birthday girl, the UK's fave 60s-girl-singer-all-grown-up, Miss "Walking Back to Happiness" herself Helen Shapiro - in the company of two of the cutest campest faux "military policemen" I've ever seen - and her take on Johnny Mercer's GI Jive!

Chuck all your junk
Back in the trunk
Fall on your bunk

- Now, there's a thought.

Have a good week, daaahlings!

Helen Kate Shapiro (born 28th September 1946)


  1. I kept waiting for these dancers to strip down to their g-strings...

    1. Me too - most disappointing :-)


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