Thursday, 17 September 2015

When I take a little nip, I begin to slip

Had she lived, the marvellous Dorothy Loudon (most famous as the original Broadway "Miss Hannigan" in Annie) would have been ninety years old today.

[A bizarre line-up of Piaf impersonator Juliette Koka, Grace Jones, Melba Moore, Broadway actress and dancer Gretchen Wyler and Dorothy Loudon]

  • Miss Loudon started off as a nightclub act before landing slots on top US television shows hosted by Perry Como and Ed Sullivan.
  • She replaced Carol Burnett on The Gary Moore Show, but when two of her top stage roles ("Miss Hannigan" and "Dolly Otley" in Noises Off) were filmed, it was Miss Burnett who was cast.
  • She succeeded Dame Angela Lansbury - what an act to follow - in Sweeney Todd.
  • For several years, she was the chosen host/performer at the annual Tony Awards.
... and it is from one of those very galas that this magnificent paean to alcohol comes - it's Vodka:

Of all concoctions alcoholical
I know but one that's diabolical
I simply thrive on old Champagne and sparkling Burgundy
Whiskey, Cointreau, Moselle
Or Eau de Vie are just like tea
But, vodka, don't give me vodka,
For when I take a little drink
I forget to think
What a little drink can do to me

Vodka, don't give me vodka,
For when I take a little nip, I begin to slip
And I start romancing with the man that I am dancing with
For vodka, makes me feel oddka
I go and grab a six foot two, anyone will do
If he's only wise enough to see
I'll not scream should he kiss me
Couldn't if I would, wouldn't if I could
Vodka, you ruin me!

I prefer gin myself, but I forgive her!

Dorothy Loudon (17th September 1925 – 14th November 2003)


  1. I adore the woman, thanks for posting

    1. Shame we never got to see her on stage. I am not sure she ventured over here in her latter days... Jx


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