Friday, 11 December 2015

What's an hour of the day?

Whew. At the end of another gruelling week, it's time to start letting our hair down.

Tonight our gang is off to the Panto at Wilton's Music Hall (Oh yes we are!), and tomorrow we're at a "mass charity-shopping event" on the South Bank. In the meantime, let's be daring, sling on a skin-tight powder blue outfit, and practice our spinning - in the company of the arch-funksters Tavares!

It Only Takes A Minute, apparently. Thank Disco It's Friday!

What's an hour of the day?
We throw at least one away
And walk the streets for half the year
Tryin' to find a new career

If you get a flu attack
For thirty days you're on your back
Doing not a single dance
Baby, give me half a chance

It only takes a minute, girl
To fall in love, to fall in love
It only takes a minute, girl
To fall in love, fall in love

How philosophical.

Have a good one!


  1. I've always loved that song!

    1. 'Tis brilliant - and the songwriters also wrote Nightshift for the Commodores... Jx


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