Sunday, 22 May 2016

Never mess with a drag queen on a mission

Alabama’s notorious supreme court chief justice, Roy Moore, has been suspended pending charges that he abused his authority, and he recently called a news conference to identify his enemy.

“Ambrosia Starling,” he said, then leaned into the microphone for emphasis. “A transvestite.”

The pair have been locked in an ideological war this year that started when Moore ordered the state’s lower judges to ignore the US supreme court’s ruling that legalised gay marriage. Starling headed to the capital, Montgomery, and the fight began: court and corset. Black robes versus a miniskirt. The judge against the drag queen – and the drag queen is winning.

After Starling and companions filed complaints against Moore, the state’s disciplinary board for judges removed Moore from power on May 7, charging he had “flagrantly disregarded and abused his authority” and “abandoned his role” as chief justice.
Go, girl..!

Here's an apposite number - Sister Queen, of course!

Read the whole story of the awesome Ambrosia Starling in The Guardian.


  1. They should know by now a queen beats a straight every time.

    1. A big wig beats a bigot, that's for sure... Jx

    2. Ha! Exactly! And what an amazing role model Ambrosia Starling is! There are always jokes about California breaking off into the sea, but honestly, given the kind of people that would elect a putrescent joke of a jurist like Roy Moore, I think it'd be fine for all the "red states" like Alabama to just disappear into the ocean instead. (Just as long as we could evacuate Ambrosia and all the LGBTQ folk+allies first. "Good Christians" like Moore and his ilk deserve to drown screaming and filled with terror, as just a karmic taste of what they have perpetuated on so many.)

      Not that I have strong feelings about this, or anything. Wouldn't want to be impolite. ;)

    3. Rant on, my dear, rant on! Jx

  2. Replies
    1. She is rather an inspiration. Jx


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