Sunday, 17 July 2016

We ought to realise

Crocosmia (montbretia) "Lucifer" in the garden here at Dolores Delargo Towers

Timeslip moment once more, folks - and yes, we're dropping in on the Long Hot Summer of '76 again! As UK temperatures this week are set to rise to 32C, forty years ago the peak had already been reached (with a record of 35.9°C (96.6°F) in Cheltenham on 3rd of the month), but the drought continued - and would do so for weeks yet...

In the news in mid-July 1976: The Montreal Olympics was well underway, somewhat marred by controversy over apartheid and a boycott by several African nations, and made stars of Nadia Comăneci, Bruce Jenner and Ed Moses; the Viking 1 lander successfully landed on Mars; the new leader of the Liberal Party David Steel, the new Ford Fiesta and Democratic Presidential nominee Jimmy Carter were in the ascendant, but the IRA campaign of murder continued with the assassination of British ambassador to the Irish Republic Christopher Ewart-Biggs; and in the aftermath of the Israeli Entebbe airport rescue, diplomatic relations between the UK and Amin's Uganda were about to be suspended. On the big screen: The Omen, Murder by Death and Robin and Marian. On telly: The Bionic Woman, The Old Grey Whistle Test and Tiswas.

In the charts, the coveted No 1 slot was held by the unlikeliest of sex symbols Demis Roussos with Forever and Ever, and just about to topple him was that summer's mega-hit Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Elton and Kiki at No 2. Also showing a strong presence were Dr Hook, Candi Staton, The Real Thing, Queen, Manhattans, Bryan Ferry and Dorothy Moore. But just arrived in the far reaches of the chart, and destined to become an anthem for those hot summer nights in the weeks to come - here's Jimmy James and his Vagabonds, and Now Is The Time:

(Now!) Now is the time to set things right
(Now!) Now is the time we should unite
We don't need revolutions
we just need to open our eyes
Revolution is no solution; we ought to realise.

Perfect sentiments for this summer...

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