Thursday, 14 July 2016

J'ai cueilli de bien jolies roses dans mon jardin

We need a diversion from the constant news coverage of Theresa May's current round of sackings, the back-stabbing and the surprise appointments, as she forms her new governing clique.

It is, of course Le quatorze juillet, France's own National Celebration (better known to the rest of us as Bastille Day) today - so who better to lighten the mood than the uncrowned Queen of France, Régine (and her hilarious safety gays, d'accord)?

Here she is with the delightful Jamais tra la la (which sounds as if it should be a sing-a-long, but who knows?):

Ça te changera les idées...


  1. PS This was published, of course, before news broke of the latest tragedy in France. Our thoughts are with the people of Nice today. Jx

    1. It's so horrible, I know.
      God bless them all

  2. Truly horrific and baffling behaviour. There aren't words.


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