Monday, 26 September 2016

She shows them pearly white

You'd hardly guess that we have booked our annual pilgrimage to Spain in February - as on this Tacky Music Monday, we're making another virtual jaunt to the delights of Iberia...

Señorita Barbara Rey is another in a long line of "new" (to us) wannabee-divas whose discovery has brought a bit of joy to us here at Dolores Delargo Towers. She seemed to specialise in OTT feathered showgirl spectaculars, largely miming to other people's songs, as far as I can gather.

However, on this Tacky Music Monday, I've found a rare treat - the lady herself singing. With the obligatory safety gays and spangled costume, what more could we ask for to cheer us on our way to work on this only-just-light morning than a Spanish version of Mack the Knife?!



  1. And she really does have sharp teeth !

  2. Thanks for that, I think.
    She is indeed the queen of ' naff camp '
    Where are 'Las Seventies ' when you need them

    1. Las Seventies probably started as her backing singers... Jx


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