Monday, 19 September 2016

La Más Grande y sus homosexuales de seguridad

Ho hum. Another weekend has flown by, and we grit our teeth for our return to the joys of work.

Never mind, on this Tacky Music Monday we have another of our Patron Saints here at Dolores Delargo Towers, the sublime Señorita Rocio Jurado - who would have been 70 (or 72, depending on which source one believes) yesterday - to bring joy and sparkle into our lives!

Regardless of her purported birth date, she will forever be remembered as the mistress of all she surveyed ("La Más Grande", indeed), especially where traditional Copla music is concerned.

However, even such a great diva as she could occasionally turn her talents to a bit of a song'n'dance'n'safety-gays number, as this clip shows - Exitos de Revista, apparently...

That's put me in much better mood.

RIP María del Rocío Trinidad Mohedano Jurado (born 18th September 1946 [according to her family and her headstone], or 1944 [according to her obituaries in Spanish newspapers - and indeed my own tribute to her two years ago] – 1st June 2006)


  1. Fabulosa and such lovely boys too.

    1. Camp as tits, dear. We'll have to look out for them when we go out in La Nogilera in February! Jx

    2. Indeed dear but at at the age they would be now we might have already seen them wear green knitted cardigans in 'Men's Bar'

    3. There'll be some sequins secreted somewhere :-)



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