Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Rude flowers and a Dali muse

We are making the most of our week off in London - today, it was the turn of the Royal Horticultural Society Early Spring Show. A glorious array of snowdrops, irises, winter-flowering shrubs, hippeastrums and tulips, it also hosted an amusing little collection of botanical artworks that were considered in their day "unsuitable for viewing by women". Looking at the one pictured above, one can hazard a guess at the Victorian moral outrage that led to such a decision.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Speaking of loveliness, Miss Vittoria Marisa Schiaparelli Berenson celebrates her 70th birthday today...

Seventies supermodel, actress, socialite, friend of Salvador Dali - and singer? Who knew?

Here, by way of a celebration, is the lady herself with the incomparable Tom Jones! She's So Shy. Apparently.



  1. well, the wallpaper conundrum has been solved! i'll take 20 rolls please.

    1. It gives a whole new meaning to a dildo - sorry, dado rail... Jx


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