Thursday, 2 February 2017

Libérate, indeed

Oh, thank heavens - I thought this moment would never come. I am now officially on holiday - and do not have to walk into the benighted office again for another eighteen days!

I am in such a magnanimous frame of mind, today I thought I'd share not one, but two of the campest-of-camp recent "discoveries" I've made on my quest for suitable music to continue this countdown to our week in Spain (that starts on Saturday)...

First up, someone who I can only describe as a sort of cross between Mae West, Bette Midler and a Northern pub landlady on a "hen night"! She appears to be inordinately proud of her (ahem!) décolletage - it's Rosita Amores and La Supervedette:

How does one follow that, you may ask?

...what about an outing [geddit?] from Spain's answer to Dale Winton, the flamboyant El Titi?!

At some stage during our week on the Costa we fully expect to encounter people who look like both...


  1. I am not convinced Amores isn't actually Matt Lucas from Little Britain.


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