Thursday, 24 February 2011

I am what I play

This is becoming a regular feature here at Dolores Delargo Towers! Here's another round-up of the videos and music that caught my attention this week...

To kick off, the very welcome return of the BIG lady with the BIG attitude, Miss Beth Ditto! This is fabulous:

Speaking of girls with attitude, this incredible dance number was never off the airwaves while we were in Spain - Luciana, we love you!

Changing the mood completely... I never ever tire of the adorable (and completely barking mad) Miss Roisin Murphy! Here she is collaborating with Aussie band The Bullits on a most magnificent adaptation of the theme from cult TV favourite The Persuaders(!)

[Read my blog from 2008 for more fabulous 1960s TV themes]

Now this next video is a little gem that really cheered me up! Courtesy of our chums over at The Hospital Club. With a fabby Blue Peter-style video and irresistably catchy hook, here's Frankie and the Heartstrings...

Eternal thanks once more to the lovely Henry and his new-found enthusiasm for posting the weird and the wonderful in his very own Barbarella's Galaxy. This delightful electro choon by Pshycotic Beats featuring one of our major patron saints Bette Davis is very much in the genre that we call "our kind of music" here at Dolores Delargo Towers - I love it!

And finally, from the diva to the nightmare. This rather spooky little video for a haunting song is definitely worth a mention - earlier this week, Doorway by Planningtorock got into my head and refused to leave...


  1. That is definitely NOT Tacky Music Monday fare. I'd sue for that nosejob...

  2. She does bear a passing resemblance to Arthur Mullard... Jx

  3. Now, apperantly Beth really knows how to do a decent tribute to queen M. Excellent!


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