Tuesday, 29 March 2011

"I was never ashamed"

Farley Granger autograph

And so farewell to the actor and former screen heart-throb Farley Granger, whose death has been announced today.

Mr Granger was never a top star in the same way as contemporaries such as Jimmy Stewart (his co-star in Hitchcock's Rope). Many have posited that this may have been due to the fact he was openly bisexual (even before such things were talked about) - he apparently had affairs with Ava Gardner, Roddy McDowell, Arthur Laurents and Leonard Bernstein, among other stars.

Farley Granger and Robert Calhoun

In his memoir Include Me Out, co-written with his long-term partner Robert Calhoun, he observed, "I never have felt the need to belong to any exclusive, self-defining, or special group... I was never ashamed, and I never felt the need to explain or apologise for my relationships to anyone... I have loved men. I have loved women."

Mr Calhoun died in 2008; they had been together since the early 1960s. Mr Granger died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday (27 March 2011). He was 85.

Farley Granger


Farley Granger obituary


  1. I wonder how you survive after being together and part of a pair for so long.

    Love the black & white picture with the dogs

  2. I seem to have featured a few gay relationships of great longevity recently, both here and in Dolores Delargo Towers Museum of Camp - something must be at work for these people somehow!

    Lord knows, thirteen years with Madame Acarti is a miracle... Jx


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