Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Let's hear it for them...

Radio 1 Mike Read

I am well overdue a Pick of the Pops selection, and this week it appears to be the turn of the boys!

For a change there are no fierce ruling divas, no bubblegum-pop girlie groups from far-off countries, and no trilling Kate-Bush-wannabees - just testosterone...

Possibly the biggest star in New Zealand at the moment (name another) is a certain Dane Rumble. Yes, he is quite cute in a sheep-shagger sort of way, and no, I don't usually like his kind of music. However this remix of his new single Cruel by Starving DJs (who?) is very catchy indeed!

Blake Lewis was apparently a contender on something called American Idol. Eww! He didn't win. However, this number called Operator is not bad at all...

A bizarre choice for me I know (please excuse the rapping), but I couldn't resist the "hook" on this new one by the West London bad boy calling himself "Example":

The very lovely Baker (what's with these "one-name-artists" these days?) is very much a new discovery - his All I'm Gonna Say is after all only his second single. He's gorgeous. I'll forgive him.

Last - and most definitely not least - a recent discovery all the way from the Ukraine, courtesy of Henry over at Barbarella's Galaxy, Mr Max Barskih! I don't care where he's from, he is mine...

Apparently he makes music too. Enjoy!


  1. Great stuff! Loving the remake of Operator...Blake came in 2nd on my Fave show...American Idol! :D

  2. Looking forward to checking these out later (I already LOVE the track by Mr Barskih, especially the original Ukranian version). I normally stay very far away from anything to to with Idol, but I'll give the track a listen.


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