Monday, 23 May 2011

One of these days these boots are gonna...

I am back to work today after a rather fab week off (despite an exam) - sunshine, friends, gardening, Eurovision, Cleveland Street musical, Kew Gardens, a piano sing-a-long, Alistair's 50th birthday party and general self-indulgence...

Hey ho, never mind - it's Tacky Music Monday again!

So here, to cheer us all up as we dream of that big Lottery win, is the remarkably frenetic Lou Christie and his paean to High Boots...


Lou Christie on Wikipedia


  1. You know, I seem to remember this from the distant corners of my memory, probably from when I was a kid. Or is my brain playing tricks on me? J-Jx

  2. At your age, dear, it's probably the latter... Jx


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