Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pop, pop, pop

As we head to Southend for a day by the (windy and grey) seaside, here are a few new musical snippets that I like lately...

Wow! A new (and quite fabby retro-sounding) single from Blondie! With this very odd zombie video, let's hope that Mother brings Debs and the crew back to the UK charts where they belong...

Next up, the haunting new song from Canadian warbler Austra - Lose It:

I am so excited! Another new outing for the campest band of the 90s, Alcazar! Here is their new choon, a collaboration with some combo calling themselves "Drum Beats", called Feel 4 U - it is fabulous!

And to finish, a little bit of Baltic totty - the lovely Latvian Markus Riva with his forthcoming single How It Feels To Be A Man. I have heard the English version, and I think it sounds better in his native tongue (oo-er missus):


Happy Bank Holiday weekend!


  1. I love the tracks from Blondie and Alcazar, as you know. I look forward to check out the other two!

  2. I also love Debbie's Dolly wig :-)


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