Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tucker Jenkins is 50!

Not so much a "fabulous", but a "frightening" 50th birthday yesterday! Mr Todd Carty, better known to Brits of our generation as "Tucker Jenkins" from Grange Hill, and remembered more widely perhaps as the doomed "Mark Fowler" in Eastenders (or maybe as PC Gabriel Kent in The Bill), is officially "grown up". Gulp.

Read my blog about Grange Hill.

I grew up with Tucker Jenkins. He was the rapscallion in a fictional school when I was in school, he left to make his way in the world at around the same time I did. I simultaneously identified with him, and secretly fancied him. Not so much now, of course.

Ah, memories...

Tucker's Luck opening credits:

"Tucker the Rock Star" from Grange Hill:

Todd Carty (born 31 August 1963)


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