Sunday, 20 October 2013


It is once again ages since we at Dolores Delargo Towers have explored the newer music that is out there in the real world - so let's get to it, and see what a maelstrom of madness has caught our ears of late...

Let us begin with something truly trashy. Richard Simmons is "an American fitness personality and actor who promotes weight-loss programs, prominently through his Sweatin' to the Oldies line of aerobics videos and is known for his eccentric, outgoing and frequently flamboyant personality". Apparently. Here's his new single Hair Do - make of it what you will!

The marvellous Agnetha Faltskog of Abba fame's latest is rather catchy little number (thanks, Henry!) - it's Dance Your Pain Away:

Another act that has been around for decades (admittedly nowhere near as long as Miss Faltskog), Belle and Sebastian are back with a sinister video for their new single Your Cover's Blown (Miaoux Miaoux Remix):

I have a sort of love-hate thing going on with Miss Lana Del Rey. There is something about those strained self-consciously trippy vocals that grates after a little while. However, I must admit to having grown to like the Cedric Gervais (who?) remix of her recent single Young and Beautiful:

It appears that the return of Nile Rogers (with Daft Punk) this summer did indeed make it OK to produce unashamedly Disco music again. Like this one - Krystal Klear ft. Jenna G and Addiction:

Another new release from those peerless pop gods Pet Shop Boys has arrived, this time featuring a guest rap (unfortunately) from clubbers' fave of two years ago Example - Thursday. Neil wants us to come around and stay for the weekend, and who are we to say no?

Here's a rather fab discovery - a German singer who goes by the name of MarieMarie, and her rather catchy Cotton Candy Hurricane (Peer Kusiv Remix):

It seems like only yesterday we had a sexy video to drool over featuring our favourite houseboys Kazaky, and here is another one! As they quite rightly observe, It Doesn't Matter:

Storming into the Russian fascist "anti-gay backlash" battle with all guns blazing in defence of the gayers, the lovely girls from Xelle have created a catchy, angry stomper of a gay rights anthem that should be heard all the way to the Kremlin! It's Red Flag:

Song of the moment (and far better than Our Princess's recent official release Skirt, which sounds like something a nonentity like Rita Ora might record) is Kylie Minogue's faboo collaboration with Italian superstar Laura Pausini - Limpido. [Let's hope this splendid track brings her some joy and success after her recent split from the gorgous Andres Velencoso]...

And finally (because we have to end somewhere!), thanks again to the fine folks who inhabit Barbarella's Galaxy, it's the oddest video of them all - Breach and their/his incredibly contagious Jack!

As ever, enjoy - and let me know your thoughts...


  1. Ah, a fresh batch - I always love the posts, as you know!

    I can't say I was properly prepared for Richard bloody Simmons! Scary, scary man! Thankfully, I had the new Paris Hilton single on stand-by, which made everything so much better. The disco fantastic Agnetha song is of course fabulous ((her album is quite good but this is the only disco number) and I do like the new Pet Shop Boys single, even if I don't necessarily think it is one of their best.

    As you know, I absolutely adore Lana Del Rey. To me, she is by far the best new artist to come along in at least a decade. Her albums are absolutely beautiful and despite her supposed "fakeness" (my god, these may not be her real lips!), I find her work a million times more real and authentic then pretty much anything that comes from girls in her age group. I do like that remix, but I still prefer her songs untouched.

    The one from Belle And Sebastion might take a couple of listens and I do like the one by MarieMarie. I obviously love the Laura/Kylie duet and I quite like the one by Breach - that video is very, very weird though. But of course, that's not a bad thing....

    Kazaky have managed to release several excellent singles in a row now, proving that they are a little bit more then just eye candy. The one by Krystal Klear is quite good, thankfully we are still having music like that around.

    However, the biggest treat: Xelle! After the hilarious "Party Girl", I am thrilled to see them back. A lovely surprise, that one. BTW, I couldn't resist posting some bits from their official bio - it's rather hilarious:

    You’ve heard of XELLE. They’re that girl group that threw an illegal dance party on a moving NYC subway train for their debut video, Party Girl. They’re the indie band whose songs and videos are lighting up TV shows, radio stations and dance floors around the world. They’re those sexy girls with huge voices who rocked the stage at your favorite club last night. They are XELLE, and you’ve been waiting for them to come along.

    Fronted by dance floor divas JC Cassis and Rony G and produced by international hitmaker Zach Adam, XELLE makes megapop music that the world can’t get enough of. With over a million views on YouTube, their incredible music videos have whipped the international press into a frenzy.

    With a fresh sound that mixes the fun of The Spice Girls, the swagger of Ke$ha and the gorgeous vocal harmonies of ABBA, XELLE is an exciting addition to to pop music landscape.

    XELLE was born, and the group began to unleash a slew of jaw-dropping songs and music videos on the global music scene.

    Erm, OK then. Clearly, they are the best thing to happen to music scene, ever! :)

    Thanks for yet another fun selection of tracks!

    1. "The fun of The Spice Girls, the swagger of Ke$ha and the gorgeous vocal harmonies of ABBA" - ummm, OK.

      Yes, they do have Geri Halliwell's sort of attitude, but I was reminded more of Shampoo, with a smattering of Icona Pop...

      Glad you liked the selection (and, yes of course many of our musical tastes do overlap!) Jx

  2. Nice selection of songs, on the flight to Thailand I listened to the Agnetha album A in full a couple of times, I was pleasantly surprised how strong all of the songs were.

    1. Not heard the full album yet - I'll take your recommendation and line up a copy on my Amazon list... Jx

  3. I bought the album when it came out and I have played it quite a lot since - in fact, I was listening to it earlier today. It really is quite good...


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