Sunday, 10 November 2013

Uptown Downstairs

For once, a "fabulous at 50" birthday has come around that actually makes me feel OK about being this age.

Who'd have thought that the stuffy, old Lord Grantham - aka Hugh Bonneville - was only 50? Anyway, happy birthday Hugh!

As clips of Downton Abbey are likely to contain spoilers (we haven't actually watched any of the latest series; we tend to record it and save it for a marathon sitting or two, as we did with the last one), it provides me with an opportunity to showcase the marvellous Victoria Wood and Jennifer Saunders spoof for Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2011 (also featuring Joanna Lumley, Harry Enfield, Dale Winton, Olivia Colman, Kim Cattrall and Simon Callow)!

Love it!


  1. i swoon over grantham. we're sitting here looking for tonight's episode on the interwebs, but it ain't popping up yet. sad that the season's over, but i look forward to the rewatch january 5th.

    you knew you'd get me over here with a DA post.

    1. We adore it too, and model our own domestic arrangements on those of the Granthams. I, of course, am The Dowager... Jx


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