Friday, 8 November 2013

A surfeit of babies

Convoluted connections, #587 in a series...

It is the end of a mad, hectic week - I was at the splendid Stonewall Awards at the V&A last night, and it's Peter Tatchell's annual "state of the nation address" tonight - but we know what le weekend means. Party time!

It also happens to be the centenary today of the lovely Miss June Havoc, who was the original "Baby June", who featured in the classic musical Gypsy (she was Gypsy Rose Lee's sister in real life).

Baby June, Baby Jane - you can see where this is leading... Here's a fab video mash-up of clips from the magnificently camp Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, as a showcase for the reissue of a Hi-NRG gem - One Less Bell To Answer by Pearly Gates...

Whew. Thank Disco It's Friday!

Read my tribute to June Havoc on news of her death in 2010.


  1. FABulous video...but then, what's not to like about WHTBJ in any context (unless you're Blanche of course). Brilliantly edited

    BTW I have sent you a message via your YouTube account ...wonder if you'll get a chance to read please x

    1. Glad you like it! Jx

      PS check out my latest blog...

  2. One of all time favorite movies - fabulous post! Have a great weekend (my letter to daddy has been sent and I'm ready to party!).

    1. Hope your "Baby Jane" partying went well, dear! Jx

  3. It did indeed - followed by a very lazy Sunday (we had terrible weather, perfect for spending a day under a blanket and watching movies).


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