Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Happy 46th birthday today to Our Princess Kylie!

She's been a bit of a busy girl of late, popping up all over the place - from her stint as a judge and mentor on The Voice (no idea; never watch it), to the Cannes Film Festival, to showing TV irritant Alan Carr how to "Sexercise" in heels, to (bizarrely) presenting a silly contest called "Innuendo Bingo" with the lovely Hugh Jackman on Radio 1...

She hardly has time to promote her new album Kiss Me Once (wink, wink).

Anyhoo - courtesy of Yahoo's Eleanor Cairns, here's five facts about our girl, by way of a birthday celebration:
1. Kylie and Jason go way back

Thought Jason and Kylie first met as Scott and Charlene on Neighbours? Think again, friends.

Both actors came to prominence on the iconic Aussie soap from 1986, but they'd already shared the screen. Back in 1980 a fresh-faced Kylie and a cheeky Jason appeared on screen as brother and sister on Australian airport-set soap Skyways.

Yes, they played siblings, before becoming lovers on Neighbours (and in real life) *shudders*

2. Kylie the boomerang

It's fair to say most of us Brits hadn't heard the name Kylie before Ms Minogue came into our lives.

However, in her native land of Australia, the name has another meaning; boomerang.

Kylie is an Aboriginal word for the iconic hunting stick, but rather than following the curved line that we most associate with boomerangs, these larger kylies go in straight lines when thrown and can kill.

You have been warned.

3. Kylie the poet

Kylie isn't just a talented singer; she can also recite words without a tune.

She took part in a Poetry Jam at the Royal Albert Hall in 1995, reading her I Should Be So Lucky lyrics out as a poem. How on earth did this come about?

Well, it was all down to Nick Cave. After singing their Where The Wild Roses Grow duet, Nick encouraged her to take part in the poetry shindig, which Kylie described as "a most cathartic moment."

4. The Kylie Effect

Kylie's well-publicised breast cancer battle had a big effect on other Australian women.

Researcher Simon Chapman published findings of his study in the Medical Journal of Australia, which included the amazing figure that requests for breast screening rose by 40% following Kylie's diagnosis.

The phenomenon became known as the "Kylie effect".

5. Kylie has an honorary degree

Kylie earned an OBE in 2008 for services to music, but it wasn't music that got her an honorary degree.

In 2011, Anglia Ruskin University awarded the singer with an honorary Doctor of Health Science degree (D.H.Sc.) for raising awareness of breast cancer. She wore the fabulous hat at the ceremony.

For her contribution to enriching French culture, Kylie was also appointed as a Chevalier (knight) of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France's highest cultural honour. Fancy.
Just this month, the divine Miss M has realeased a second single from Kiss Me Once - the Chic-influenced collaboration with that ubiquitous hat-wearer Pharrell Williams - I Was Gonna Cancel:

It is catchy, and very much in the retro-Disco zeitgeist, but I was rather disappointed with that song when I heard it on the album, and I can't say it has evolved into a favourite (after multiple listens). Even Kylie in the video looks bored.

Much, much better is the rather faboo single she has released to raise money for the One Note Against Cancer campaign (whereby you can "purchase one note" of the song, by way of a donation to the charity). Here's Crystallize:

Happy birthday, sweetie!

Kylie Ann Minogue, OBE (born 28th May 1968)


  1. A very happy birthday to our princess!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too - did you find out if it will ever see a physical format release? Jx

  3. I don't know, it supposed to go on sale on bloody itunes in a week or so (as if I care), but I am really hoping for a physical as well...

    I ordered both the CD single and the 7" of "I Was Gonna Cancel" from her website, but only got the 7". Each format was limited to just 1500 copies, and even though the site said that they were both in stock when I ordered, the CD single had apparently sold out. As a result, I am watching e-bay and other sites around the clock, trying to get a copy that doesn't cost as much as my car! I hate how difficult it has become to even get some commercial releases...


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