Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wakey, Wakey!

As I awake once again (after a fab long weekend) to the uncomfortable reality that we didn't win the Lottery and (with all that stress over the past couple of weeks worrying about redundancy) I do still have to get up for work, I think it's time for something cheerful.

On the 105th birthday of the ebullient Mr Billy Cotton, here he is with his band - many years before he/they became a mainstay of British light entertainment, and long before he coined his catchphrase "Wakey, Wakey!" - with this rather smutty little ditty from 1932:

Have a good week, my pretties...

Billy Cotton (6th May 1899 - 25th March 1969)

NB His son Bill Cotton went on to be the saviour of light entertainment at the BBC - read more.


  1. I remember his TV show as a child. Perhaps that's where I get my love of 'Variety' from ?

    1. It's where you got your nervous tic from... Jx


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