Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fierce rulin' Diva

It's Bea Arthur's birthday!

Say "cheers", or she will kill you.

Here is the magnificent lady herself, belting the hell out of Hard Hearted Hannah - go, girl!

“No one knew what a sense of humour - real sense of humour - Bea Arthur had. They always think of her as very fierce and austere and she did give that image. She could be tough, she could be really tough, but she had a funny sense of humour and she could tell a joke like nobody else.” - Betty White
Beatrice "Bea" Arthur (13th May 1922 – 25th April 2009)


  1. One hell of a woman. The world is a little less with out her.

    1. I agree - she was an inspiration! Soooo pleased we got to see her one-woman show... Jx

    2. She was incredible, I would have loved to see her on stage.

      "I look like the mother of a Solid Gold dancer!" Dorothy Zbornak

    3. "After being in the business for such a long time, I've done everything but rodeo and porno." - Bea Arthur


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